Friday, April 28, 2017

Classic Clutter Charity Marketplace at

Classic Clutter is owned by Randa Touquan of Huntington, New York and is an avid charity fundraiser. Randa has collected/accepted quite a hoard from three generations of pack rats and their friends that have come to roost at her house. In her own words: "I cleaned out my cupboards and what did I find? These items to offer with you in mind ... some are useful, some are pretty, some are collectible, some are just plain fun and the proceeds from all will go to the UIC LAS Finish Line Fund" "It’s time to find new homes for these vintage items where they can be useful and enjoyed".

All money raised by sales will go to the UIC LAS Finish Line Fund. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences at UIC established the Finish Line Fund to help LAS students in good academic standing who are within one semester of graduation but who have a financial hold on their account.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

KIM NETZEL cake and cupcake entrepeneur

Deep in the heart of scenic Suffolk, England, UK, with it's rolling fields and meadows and recognized for it's agriculture, soccer, horse racing, speedway, cricket and the many arts, crafts and antique stores, lives a very busy young lady by the name of Kim Netzel. Kim resides in Ipswich where she achieved old fashioned o level status in cooking and baking at school many years ago and has since added to her knowledge and experience of baking cakes and cupcakes for a variety of clientele including family members and friends.

All of Kim's cakes are made with farm free range eggs. Butter and fondant icing. Victoria sponge, chocolate fudge cake, lemon, red velvet flavors. Rich fruit cake soaked in port and fresh orange juice and covered in marzipan and fondant icing. Kim has over 25 years of baking experience and is especially renowned for her scrumptious cupcakes and themed cakes ie birthdays, sports, weddings, funerals etc. and no task is too great or difficult for this extremely talented lady.

You will find Kim on Facebook at Kim Netzel